Helping SMEs build amazing workplace cultures 

Having worked in a wide variety of businesses in leadership roles, culturally we have seen the lot!! In the best examples we have witnessed teams achieve amazing results and unbelievable levels of engagement.  In the worst examples and we have watched in horror as businesses disengaged their teams and performance slips to a terminal level.   

These experiences are what fuelled the creation of Culture Stretch.  Our focus is on leading a movement to make amazing culture a reality in companies and organisations.  Great cultures produce better results, create long term customer loyalty and have employees who are committed and fulfilled. Doesn't every leader want that?  Now you are probably wondering what makes a great culture?   

Relaxed dress code and bring your dog to work Fridays?  NO

Ping Pong table in the kitchen and free food for all staff?  NO

Working from a swanky office and doing "company yoga" every morning?  NO

Creating the very best culture for your teams should be at the very forefront of your mind if you are serious about building a truly successful business over the next few years.  So what is culture and how do we help organisations improve it?  Often people refer to culture as "the way we do things around here". Whilst that may be to some degree accurate that description leaves leaders confused on what to change to improve a business culturally.  

We believe that there are three elements to a culture: behaviours, systems, and practices, all guided by an overarching set of values. A great culture is what you get when all three of these are aligned, and line up with the organisation’s agreed values. 


Creating clarity around behaviours through a clear values statement is a good starter for ten.  But what truly impacts on culture isn't the list but whether leaders exhibit those values and uphold them across the team.  


The processes you create, the technology and software you use, even the job roles and titles you have will impact on your businesses culture.  Using the right systems can have a huge impact on your team and their ability to help you deliver results.  


Building consistent and sustainable practices for your business is absolutely crucial if you want an engaging culture.  Decision making processes, meeting management, and feedback process are great examples of processes that will be either be positively or negatively affecting your culture. 

Helping business build a truly great culture is our absolute passion.  So if you are passionate about your team and want to know how to get them truly engaged in what you are trying to achieve then get in touch. 

Team Culture Stretch